Ramos and Compean: Appeal rejected.

Ramos and Compean protected the Southern border and got caught.  Now they are going to pay a devastating price.  How did they get caught?

Rene Sanchez, an Arizona border patrol agent, is good friends with Aldrete-Davila, the Mexican drug runner Ramos and Compean shot.  Aldrete-Davila (the drug runner) complained to Rene.   Rene complained to his superiors and many man-hours, departments and resources were tied up in an investigation– not into why a border patrol agent was such good pals with a known drug runner, or in catching the drug runner himself, or in shutting down and arresting the people who had hired the drug runner.  No, all of the energy, intensity and vindictiveness was put into burning 2 border patrol agents with families on behalf of a smuggler.

Mr. President, pardon these men.





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