Nancy Pelosi loves dirt. Hates oil. Averts national unnamed post office crisis.


Time Magazine ran an editorial about how worthless the 110th Congress was and managed not to mention Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. I thought I’d give them a plug.

By Washington metrics, they are a tandem disaster because they’ve only managed to pass 260 lousy pieces of legislation.  I don’t know how many lousy bills a Congress has to pass for Time to consider them “transformative,” but 260 makes you a do-nothing Congress, which, since 1948, is the lowest kind of Congress you can be.  Frankly, if I were ever a member of a do-nothing Congress, I would kill myself to escape the shame of it.

Anyway, here are some of the finer legislative achievements of the 110th, according to Time:

  • Of the 260 pieces of bad legislation, 74 of them concern naming post offices.
  • July is National Watermelon Month. 
  • Dirt has been declared a natural resource; so wash your grubby hands, that filth under your nails is taxable.

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