Obama stands by insane tire pressure energy plan. Reverend Wright jealous.


Accurate Reading

Accurate Reading

I was originally going to title this Obama refuses to throw tire pressure energy plan under the bus–makes his racist grandmother jealous, but I mistrust long titles.

Actually, I shouldn’t make jokes– like Comedy Central’s Oprah Winfrey Jon Stewart.  Stewart believes Obama’s tire pressure solution is so serious that he actually choked himself up as he chronicled McCain’s crass attempt to lampoon it.  So I will stop mocking as well and list some of Obama’s other OPEC busting  tips:

  1. Don’t let car idle for more than 15 seconds.
  2. Wax car to reduce drag.
  3. Turn car off at red lights.
  4. Drive down hill whenever possible.
  5. Avoid driving up hill.
  6. Plan your trip so you can drive with the prevailing winds…
What?  Geez.  Is Jon crying again?

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