Sunday Matinee: Double Feature Starring Joe Biden

Playing gotcha politics is too easy takes gritty streetwise investigative skills in this YouTube era.  Here is that campaign ad from 1988 where Biden warns us the presidency is no place to learn on the job, promises to reestablish America’s leader status (status Reagan apparently squandered away), promises to fight oppression, brutality, and the abuse of human dignity around the world.  (If only there was a clip of him condemning the use of hair plugs…)

Note the precious bit about the poor disillusioned 3rd world– they used to see America as not just a place but as an idea, but now all there is for them to see is a nation that has lost its way, kind of the way a parent disillusions a child by coming home drunk and smacking him around.  What’s drawing my attention to it is not the extreme fatuousness of Biden’s metric, but that I remember Thomas Friedman mawkishly employing that same construct to explain why the world hates America post-Clinton. Someone plagiarizing Biden?  Biden?

Now watch a 1976 ABC broadcast of Harry Reasoner introducing a story on the Senate’s youngest member. Nothing damning here, just tinteresting to see our little Democrat acorn now that he has grown into a joke oak.


2 responses to “Sunday Matinee: Double Feature Starring Joe Biden

  1. Obama/Biden leaves a hole wide nuff for a Mack Truck but only with Sarah Palin as the driver!

  2. And the McCain camp remembers how Biden praised McCain while dissing Obama…

    Youtube video link

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