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Sunday Matinee: Ethel Merman Explains U.S. Monetary Policy

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The Ryskind Sketchbook Resorts to Poetry (shudder)


Update: Mr President commute the sentences of Ramos and Compean


From The Memory Hole

From The Memory Hole

I have zero faith in George Bush when it comes to the issue of Hispanic illegal immigration.  He is the one who pushed for the fight with the base of the party for amnesty.  Not once, but twice.  He called his strongest supporters racist simply for wanting border security before amnesty.  Bush was willing to see the collapse of the Republican party over the issue and he did.


So I hold out little hope he will commute the sentences of Ramos and Compean– You don’t know how wrong these Border Patrol agents were.  Take a look at the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General’s Report on the Investigation of Ramos and Compean.  Not only were they not supposed to shoot at Aldrete-Davila, the border jumping, drug smuggling, arrest resisting officer assaulter, they weren’t event supposed to chase him on the chance he had “undocumented workers”  in his van.

[The] “Investigation disclosed that Ramos and [Compean] and other Border Patrol Agents’ were unaware of what was inside the van during the pursuit and they acknowledged that the van could have been loaded with undocumented aliens, to include women and children, and therefore might have caused a serious accident due to the sharp 90 degree turns at high speeds.”


Note the use of “undocumented workers” to describe people not working but sneaking across a border. Also note how the supposedly neutral report lays it on thick with the women and children comment. Notice there is no fear that  documented workers of working age could be hurt.

But what is more unsettling about the Office of Homeland Security Report is that the OHS thinks that vans with unknown contents attempting to evade border patrol agents should not be pursued.

 Mr. President, free these men.

Sunday Matinee:Come Away With Me Lucile, In my Merry Oldsmobile…

Similar to the way astronomers look forward to the next solar eclipse, sometimes it seems the CATO Institute likes seeing the free market decimate American industries just to calibrate their instruments. Continue reading

Detroit Wants Bailout So They Can Keep Making American Cars With Quality Foreign Parts Americans Demand



According To Cato’s Alan Reynolds, there are four cars and six light trucks made in America that contain over 75% domestic content. The list includes the Toyota Tundra, Sienna and the Honda Odyssey.

Author Keith Curtis Predicts by Working Together People in the Future Will Create Software Advanced Enough to Make My Cartoons Funny

picture-11Okay, he doesn’t really say that, but he does use a couple of my cartoons in his book which makes me like a co-author… right? No?  We’ll talk about it later.  In the meantime check out my his book HERE.


The Key to faster technological progress is the more widespread use of free software. Free versus proprietary (or non-free) software is similar  to the divide between science and alchemy.  Before science, there was alchemy, where people guarded their ideas because they wanted to corner the market on the means to convert lead into gold. The downside of this “strategy” is that everyone would have to learn for themselves that drinking mercury is a bad idea.

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd Doesn’t Commit Mortgage Fraud or Accept Special Favors From The Industries He Regulates– And Even If He Does, It’s None of Your Business.

Stonewall Dodd    Stonewall Dodd

I worked for the Tom Scott campaign when he ran for Governor in Connecticut which didn’t help him win, but I got what I wanted –a bunch of leftover of stickers that said “Tom Scott”.  Continue reading