From the Memory Hole: Kelo Update



Shaky Ground

Shaky Ground

Courtesy Wheat and Weeds

Get A Keload Of This

Remember the infamous Kelo case? In which SCOTUS decided government can seize private property not solely for pressing public purpose but also any time city planners think they can turn a profit? 

Here’s the rest of the story: the city of New London razed Suzette Kelo’s (and other people’s) family home…and the project they seized it for fell through. New London put loads of people out of their homes and spent $78 million to get a vacant lot.

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2 responses to “From the Memory Hole: Kelo Update

  1. Gov’t. SOP: Rape the taxpayer (too small to matter), bail out failed corporations (too big to fail).

    No surprise anymore. Just sadness that it can happen this way.

  2. An absolutely unconscionable ruling by the supreme court and everybody loses. The homeowners, the town of New London which had connived against its own residents to get more tax revenue and now are left with a empty lot, and the American citizen , whose house can be seized with no more effort than it takes a city council to float a bond.

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