Sunday Matinee: Children’s Television Network… ISLAMIC STYLE!

A minute and forty five seconds into the video, there is a girl in a Palestine flag-dress.  I don’t know her, but by the elegant, understated arm gestures she employs calling for Jihad, it’s a safe bet we  both took the same speech class.


3 responses to “Sunday Matinee: Children’s Television Network… ISLAMIC STYLE!

  1. This is painful to watch, It’s very hard to believe that this is what we are up against.

  2. It’s like an inbred mental disorder.

  3. Robert I. Eachus

    It isn’t that hard to understand, if you follow the money. Rich men in Muslim countries have many wives. If nothing is done, this leaves many young men without the opportunity to marry, or for that matter even meet a young woman.

    How to fix this? Send young men, even boys, to be martyrs. In America, we think that 4,000 American soldiers killed in Iraq is a tragedy. In Saudia Arabia, with a much smaller population, 4000 dead “martyrs” is a good start…

    My son was a soldier in Iraq (two tours), and thankfully was not injured or killed. But he described one of the common “tactics” of the jihadists that distinguished them from the “real” Iraqi resistance (which no longer exists). Their favorite technique was “pray and spray”. Leap to your feet, shout “Allah Akbar,” and start spraying bullets (on full auto) from left to right. This was usually stopped by a three round burst to the head or body.

    How effective was this? Very effective if your goal is to create “martyrs.” The American troops could, and often did, play this game all day. As for the martyrs, with luck, the AK-47 was undamaged, and could be picked up by the next martyr to be.

    Remember this the next time someone tries to convince you that negotiations with Hamas, Hezbollah, or whoever are worthwhile. The people who head these groups are funded from outside, and the product they are paid to deliver is dead Muslim boys and young men.

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