Stealing… Stealing… Stoled



Just to be clear,  Minnesota did not vote for Al Franken.  Nobody knows this more acutely than Al Franken himself.   In an election year with Republicans disgraced,  the economy in cardiac arrest, Mitch McConnell hanging on by the skin of his teeth in Kentucky, the press in full pro-Democrat proaganda mode,  and Democratic candidates riding the coattails of the Obama hype, every political wind at his back that there ever was in an election year– and  Franken still managed to lose. Franken even managed to lose running as the Democrat in a Democratic state.

Franken was rejected in spite of celebrity, name recognition, big outside money from Hollywood, and outspending Coleman two to one on advertising. For Franken not to have won, the Obama voters had to go out of their way to not vote for him –and they made that extra effort.

But when democracy fails Democrats, Democrats resort to kleptocracy.   Minnesota is stoled.

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