Eric Holder Brokers Justice Rod Blagojevich Style


Obama wants his  administration to be about compromise .  In that spirit he is selecting the most compromised  cabinet  in American history– the Clinton cabinet.

He’s giving us as  Secretary of Treasury   Tim (Honest Mistake) Geithner, the financial maven who can’t pay his taxes even when given extra money  with a note  attached from the IMF saying, “Use this money to pay your taxes.”

We have Hillary who does special favors for countries who donate money to her husband’s presidential library.  And we have Eric Holder who sought favors as acting Attorney General from Jack Quinn,  after recomending a pardon for Jack Quinn’s client,  Marc Rich.

So we have Geithner to give us crony capitalism, Hillary to give us crony diplomacy, and Holder to give us crony justice.  Wouldn’t you like to be a crony too?


3 responses to “Eric Holder Brokers Justice Rod Blagojevich Style

  1. My feelings exactly. It is not only a long cold winter, we will have a long cold several years.

  2. Now wait just a cotton pickin’ minute. When has Hillary done special favors for country’s donating money to her Husband’s Library Fund?

    I leave you alone for 10 min and you start hallucinating… conspiracy theorys!

    I don’t know about the other “birds” Obama appointed to his Cabinet but I do know that Hillary has been vetted from the inside, out ,and will remain so because she knows better.

    I didn’t know Ken Starr was a cartoonist?

    I planned to use your fine artistry in my tomorrow’s blog graphic. Is that OK with you?

    We can agree to disagree…

  3. Dear Ellurian:

    Hillary’s nomination is being questioned precisely because Bill has received huge donations to his library from foreign countries. If nothing else, it is certainly crass and unseemly!

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