Obama Deports Bust of Winston Churchill–No Word Yet If England’s Muslim Population Will Allow it to Return Home


Obama removed the bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office.  This bust of Churchill was loaned to the White House in the aftermath of 911 as a sign of England’s solidarity with America.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single square inch of space for it in the entire White House so the Master of Diplomacy sent it back.  No hard feelings Limeys!


4 responses to “Obama Deports Bust of Winston Churchill–No Word Yet If England’s Muslim Population Will Allow it to Return Home

  1. So when is the Statue of Liberty going back to the French? Or does Surrender Monkeying and using it to argue for unrestricted illegal immigration (both simultaneously in France’s banlieues) win out?

    Wait did he say monkey? Raaaaaaaaaaciiiiiiiiiiiissssssst!!!)

  2. Is this a joke..or did this really happen? If indeed it took place..obama should be removed.

  3. It’s true Betty

    Barack Hussein Obama was swept into the White House on a wave of deceit and dissimulation. He himself is a declared Muslim if he was telling the truth when he told the Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Nile TV that he is a Muslim. That could explain why Obama has instructed that the term “Islamic extremism” no longer be used in official government documents and statements. This may also be his reason for ordering our fleet not to fire on Iranian spy planes getting too close and for pulling away our support of Israel and for giving financial aid to Hamas via Gaza. WND also reported recently on a video that appeared in which Michelle Obama said her husband’s “home country” was Kenya. Besides his wife, other members of his family and the Parliament in Kenya all indicated that he is a Muslim born in Kenya. His place of birth is not the crucial point. He is following orders laid out in the Koran to enslave, subjugate or kill infidels in every action he takes. His reaction to the oil spill is just part of the plot to destroy us. Thirteen countries offered help, but he turned them down. Obama dilly dallied and played golf instead of taking positive action to clean up the gulf. He and his environmentalist feather brained supporters put laws on our books that forced drilling in unsafe deep waters. He says we are running out of places to drill. That is one more lie piled on a mountain of others. Instead of taking action against a “sea of troubles,” he points fingers and gives us the finger!
    The one action he did take in the gulf, to shut down all drilling there, has the effect of destroying more jobs. He is not a moron, but this was moronic considering that we have been drilling there for decades with no such mishaps. That is like shutting down all air transportation subsequent to one crash. Is this part of his jobs program? If so, it fits in very well with the Obama health care plan forced upon us against the will of most Americans; it cuts employment because it becomes too costly to hire new workers. Cutting the space program cuts employment and hope for further scientific advances that might strengthen this nation.
    Every action he takes will cause oil prices to rise and send a flood of new flows of money to his friends in the Muslim world who desire to destroy us. Higher prices forced upon us are like a tax, but he promised not to raise taxes on those earning less than $250,000. Forcing all of us to buy insurance is another unconstitutional demand that is a tax which cuts employment and increases cost of doing business. This will weaken the economy. At the same time, he cuts down our defenses, cuts the space program, leaves us dependent upon Russia, bows to a Saudi prince and then pulls the rug out from under our only ally in the Middle East, Israel. He flies around the world on our money to apologize for our actions, not mentioning the fact that we saved Europe twice from its squabbles. I thought a president was to support us, not the U.N. or be subservient to or act as an emissary for our enemies.
    His unconstitutional extortion of a $20 billion dollar slush fund from BP was the action of a dictator, not of a U.S. president. This is a kitty into which his ACORN people and union thugs can put their slimy hands on to grab more loot! Apparently, he knows nothing about our laws since there is a law on the books that already makes BP financially responsible for harm done and they already admitted to this responsibility, but Obama has his responsibility to dictates in the Koran!
    In about a year and a half, this usurper has done more harm to this country than all past enemies. Where are our constitutional gurus? There are reasons galore to impeach him, especially the fact that he was swept into office with little or no full disclosure. If we allow this liar to continue to sit in a position of power over us, we are truly a nation of fools.
    By Jack J. Morris aka Dr. J. Knowname , author of
    CONTACT: only by e-mail usaawake@bellsouth.net until my web-site is made fully operable. It can be seen, but the VIGNETTES section, the most important segment, will not work. I am trying to find someone to fix it!
    Site = end-irs.org or tea4lowertax.org It is worth looking at now – I know because I wrote it. One purpose of the site and the book is to present a plan for giving a HUGE TAX CUT to those who usually pay taxes. Our plan is better than the Fair Tax because it gets rid of the IRS thus saving you time and money by not having to keep special records and having to hire an expert. This would help get us out of our present economic catastrophe.
    To NEWSPAPERS if you can.
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    Always remember: DO ONLY GOOD and DO HARM TO NO ONE

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