Diplomacy Is Back Part 2: England Still Not Islamic Enough For Obama To Respect


I want to feel more outrage over Obama’s snubbing of England, but considering how keen the Brits were on getting Obama elected (according to one poll 81 to 19 percent),  my more vengeful side  wants to say, “Enjoy your DVD’s Muhammad.” I’m sorry, it’s  Jack.  Muhammad is still only the second most popular boy’s name in England.


2 responses to “Diplomacy Is Back Part 2: England Still Not Islamic Enough For Obama To Respect

  1. Please try to get your facts right. Gannet was NOT a sister ship of Resolute. You should never use THE in front of H.M.S. because you are saying THE Her Majesty’s Ship. Finally, there are 2.4 million Muslims in UK out of a total of 64 million population, and therefore your name quip is nonsense too. Thanks, Elizabeth Matthews, Resolute Scholar.

    • Dear Resolute Scholar,
      I once read in the papers, that all Will Rogers knew was what he read in the papers. Which is to say all I know is what I what I can find on line. Here is a quote from the The Telegraph, a UK publication published Sat. May 12th 2009: “…a pen holder carved from the timbers of HMS Gannet, a sister ship of the HMS Resolute…”

      As you can see not only does the article claim that the (sic) HMS Gannet is sister to the (sic) HMS Resolute, but it employs the definite article “the” in front of HMS.

      A Reuters from the same year also claims that the Gannet is the sister ship to HMS Resolute, but makes a point of dropping the “the” when using HMS so in regards to the “the”, I accept your correction. As to the matter of sister-ship, you will need to produce some scholarship sufficient to overturn what every major publication and Gordon Brown himself claimed to be the case.

      To address the final point on the name, “Mohammed” simply Google, “Mohammed second most popular name in England” and the top hit o my screen in a 2010 Daily Mail article titled “Mohammed is now the MOST popular name for baby boys ahead of Jack and Harry.” In 2009 when my cartoon was published, Mohammad was only the second most popular name so clearly my quip has sharpened over the years like a fine Muslim Cheddar.

      Finally, on getting my facts right, well I read on line once I can have my own opinions but I can’t have my own facts. Nevertheless, perhaps you’ve found a loophole?

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