Above Obama’s Pay Grade–Not Above You Being Forced To Pay For It


Taking The Politics Out Of Science


6 responses to “Above Obama’s Pay Grade–Not Above You Being Forced To Pay For It

  1. Repeal of Mexico City, ESCR, the new White House Council on Girls…. As my friend ninme says, he’s doing remarkably well for a guy at his pay grade.

  2. Oh, Mr. Ryskind, you MUST see this:


    There has got to be a good cartoon about teleprompters in that story!

  3. obama succeeded in removing bush as the worst president ever.

  4. Hey Sam, Congrats for being way out in front of the crowd on the teleprompter jokes. I had not seen anyone else besides you making a point of The One’s teleprompter use, but after yesterday’s gaffe, there will be lots more!

    Way to go!

  5. No, Barbara, Obama replaced Clinton as the worst President ever.

  6. dude i gtoa say he took bush out htats good but now
    we got him as a president not good cant wait till he gets impeached XD

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