Well by the title of my post you can probably guess I am in Iraq.   A sitrep is army lingo for situation report.  But at least it is not an acronym .  My conversations now are about 80% acronyms and I only know about 5 and what they stand for and I feel guilty about it  because  I will be getting these long string of orders from somebody and when they finish I am going make them go back and translate all the acronyms for me.

My thought was that once in Iraq I could give an eye witness insight to what is happening here, but now that I am here I see that I am an eye witness but it’s a worms eye view, and not even a free range worm, but a worm in a jar, so my on the scene  blogging will be of little significance.  But the good news is that still leaves me with a wide range of insignificant things to right about.   Like this wasp,  I was as big as my thumb which you could have seen if I was brave enough to put my thumb next to him.


4 responses to “SITREP: Iraq

  1. OK, so the only way your friends and family are able to keep updated on your whereabouts and well being is is by visiting your blog? Hey man, I don’t get a lot of visitors to my blog either, but you don’t see me reenlisting after 20 years, and shipping out to a combat zone just to drive up my page hits. I mean, you know that’s F’d up, right?

  2. Awesome wasp! There’s now way I would have even got close enough to that thing to take a picture, let alone even consider putting my thumb up next to it.

  3. Looks like one of these. If so, it wouldn’t sting you.

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