Sitrep Iraq: Razule the Dog’s Job Interview

The Unit was interviewing  Razul a big spiky haired K9 with a masters in bomb sniffing and a minor in ripping out throats, to see if he would be a good fit for the team.  Razuel let his handler do the talking and seemed  more interested in getting strangers to scratch his ears than getting the job. I would describe his attitude as complacent.  Complacent that is until the very Iraqi looking Iraqi interpreter came in.  Like a switch had flipped Razul became very interested in every little move our translator made, not taking his eyes off of him for a moment.  The translator didn’t stay long.  Razul became complacent again.  Suddenly for no apparent reason he bolted up ran out of the room, against the command from his trainer to stop- ran into the hallway-pawed open the door that lead to the basement and disappeared down the narrow staircase…

All eyes were on the Trainer.

Trainer:  “I’m betting your arms-room is down there.  He does that.”

The job is yours Razul if you want it.


5 responses to “Sitrep Iraq: Razule the Dog’s Job Interview

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  2. Razule rocks!

  3. Razule sounds like such a good dog!

  4. Hi Sam,

    March 20th will be the anniversary of the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The MSM (and even Fox) sadly seem to not want to go back to that period. Which is sad, because I feel people should really know that the net result of the US involvement (your current involvement) was 750,000+ lives saved.

    I know you’re busy keeping the rest of us safe these days, so I dunno, do you think you would be interested in covering that in a comic?

  5. Happy Veteran’s Day!
    I miss your cartoons…
    Stay safe!

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