Obama Sees Flaw in ObamaCare–You Might Experience it Before November Election


Obama doesn’t want Seniors who pay extra for Medicare Advantage to know (until after the election) how much more they will be paying for their Healthcare under ObamaCare, which guts the program.   To hide the rate hike, he’s diverted 8.3 billion dollars from a Health and Human Services program budgeted to fund projects that reduce the cost of government health services.

Now what normally happens when a President diverts money Congress appropriated for one thing and spends it on another to effect his re-election, hearings are conducted in the Senate and Special Prosecutors are named and we listen to the smart set say, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

This time, for some reason,  America will be spared the months and months of hearings and press coverage.  We will however have to endure 3 minutes of Obama “Slow Jamming the News”.


2 responses to “Obama Sees Flaw in ObamaCare–You Might Experience it Before November Election

  1. Great post, Sam. … And, like the gameshow host that he is, he’ll leave it to his staff to explain things when someone does start asking questions. The real tragedy is tht neither he, nor his staff … nor those pensioners sucking suddenly high-dollar O2 … are going to feel the real impact of this. Like a tsunami, the first waves of the rising tide are the least damaging. It’ll be a couple generations from nowwho will have to deal with bthe full consequence of socializing our medical system and dumbing it down to the lopwest common denominator of service.

    • Thanks Hunter,

      “Were secretly replacing the Coffee at this famous 5 star restaurant with decaffeinated Folger’s Crystals. Let’s see if they notice the difference…”

      Just incase not everyone has the working knowledge of 70’s TV commercials as am I.

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