Preezy Obama is Too Classy to Spike the Football–A Year Ago

In 1965 New York Giant Homer Carroll Jones spiked a football after a touchdown thus introducing the greatest innovation to football since the forward pass. 

We have evolved since then and now know spiking the football is a bad thing– falling somewhere  between capital gains and the discovery of America.  Still, there are few things more satisfying after a DT than slamming the football as hard as you can in your opponent’s end zone.

Obama made a holier-than-thou show of not spiking the football after the big kill even going so far as to give Bin Laden full Islamic honors at his burial.  But it turns he was never against spiking he was just saving it for the general election–a year later–against a fellow teammate.


2 responses to “Preezy Obama is Too Classy to Spike the Football–A Year Ago

  1. Well, when his record on everything else is this bad … he has to play to his strengths. Those happen to be other people’s strengths, but never mind. What I hope the voting public will be mindful of is that, like the use of surrogates to carry out their most memorable acts, Obama and Osama both shared support for the so-called Arab Spring. The results of that rippling fiasco are only now to be felt, with the Muslim Bros. recently gaining ground in Egypt, and God-knows what’s to come in Libya and Syria …

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