Elizabeth Warren, Not Even 1/32nd Cherokee– Harvard Anthropology Department Last to Know

I hope I don’t get Siouxed… I saw this joke on Twitter posted by Kathy Shaidle , but turning it into lyrics for “I’m an Indian Too” from Annie Get Your Gun is my idea, so I should get hmmm, let’s say 1/32 credit?

Claimin’ That I’m Cherokee
Also From Lizzie Get Your Minority Faculty Position 
(Sung to the tune of “Doin’ What Comes Natur’lly“)
Folks are fair in Harvard Square,
For justice they are yearnin’
They will tenure whites like me
If I say I’m  Cher-o-kee (If you say your Cher-o-kee).
Yes it’s true, my eyes are blue
My face is pale as plaster
But Crimson craves di-vers-i-tee
So I say I’m  Cher-o-kee! (So I say I’m Cher-o-kee)!
Ya don’t have to know how to skin a doe,
How to track, or to hunt, or to shoot a bow.
You don’t have to prove any pedigree
To check Indian in a reg-is-try
That’s  di-vers-ity  (That’s diversity)!
To help my cousin’s  cook book,
Shee titled  Pow-Wow Chow.
I plagiarized an omelet,
It was published anyhow!
It’s true my great-great-great-grandpa
Drove redskins outta’  Georgia.
But there’s no trail of tears for me–
Claimin’  I’m-a  Cher-o-kee! (Claimin’ I’m-a  Cher-o-kee)!

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