Apparently We Have to Be Aware in June as Well

I thought May’s list of things to be aware of was pretty exhaustive. Not so June seems to be equally jammed with things that need our active attention…

June is Internet Safety, World Elderly Abuse, National HIV, National ASK (Asking Saves Kids), Gay and Lesbian Pride, International Level Crossing (train track safety), Substance Abuse, World No Tobacco, Seatbelt, Beach Environment, National Scoliosis, Helmet, ERA, Glaucoma, Safety, and False Allegation awareness Month.

I also found a website declaring June Goat Trauma month as well. The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation is warning parents that goats are aggressive and deceitful and traumatize as many as 6000 children a year at petting zoos.  However, I am excluding it because I think the cause is just an excuse to sell t-shirts.



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