Gov. Walker Triumphs in Recall Election–Adolf Hitler and Mick E. Mouse Bemoan Democracy’s Death


Hitler and Mick E. Mouse may have been on opposite sides in WW2,  but when it comes to protecting the rights of public employee unions they stand under the flag of solidarity, which is why they signed the petition along with 900,000 other legitimate Wisconsin citizens to recall Gov. Walker.Unfourtunatly, because of the Citizens United ruling, the whole recall effort proved a sham.  Once again the candidate with the most votes one against the candidate with the least.  Hitler was too choked up about it to speak on camera, and Mick E. Mouse, because of contractual obligations,  can only appear on merchandise.  But I think this guy speaks for all Americans…

2 responses to “Gov. Walker Triumphs in Recall Election–Adolf Hitler and Mick E. Mouse Bemoan Democracy’s Death

  1. Waah! Democracy is dead! Waah! The best part of this revelation of fake names brazenly posted to voters’ rolls is that the socialists who comprise and support these unions ignore the fact that Walker’s election was democratic and that their recall vote was democracy in action; they lost, the people of Wisconsin won. You know what else was democratic in principal and action? The election of Adolf Hitler to the chancellorship of the Reichstag, as was the election of Joseph Stalin to the Supreme Soviet. We all know how that turned out. I think our brand of democracy is alive, well and doing just fine, no thanks to whimpering simps like this character.

  2. democracy is dead! Life as we know it is over! Public Employee Unions have to f***ing contribute to their own retirement plans! What’s next, eating children? I mean, the USA dies the day Public Employees have to pay for 12% of their Healthcare costs!

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