Judge Roberts Makes Me Yearn For the Jurisprudence of Harriet Mires

Judge Roberts, after ruling that the state has zero rights when it comes to defending it’s borders (save for the tenuous ability to ask for papers from law breakers so long as the states don’t racially profile, which will be impossible to do unless an ethnically diverse populous starts crossing in from Mexico) now has ruled  Obamacare is Constitutional  by simply retroactively calling the mandate portion a tax and not a fine.

The good news: Congress can’t fine you under the commerce clause for not engaging in commerce,  The bad news: Congress can tax you for not engaging in commerce i.e. not going to a federally approved college, not having a federally approved gym membership, or not subscribing to a federally approved  Cable TV package… oh yes, and not having federally approved health care insurance.

His explanation.”It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices…unless they choose to defend their borders then I bring out my slap it down hand.”


One response to “Judge Roberts Makes Me Yearn For the Jurisprudence of Harriet Mires

  1. I see some synergy here. Somewhere in the “millions” who now will have health care insurance coverage (cough, cough) are all those undocumented voters who may need some incentive to keep keeping the blue states blue … voila! Now, instead of being deported, they can have primary care physicians like the rest of us, rather than relying upon hospital emergency rooms. Might backfire though, once they get a taste of the red tape involved in getting referrals for specialist care. Hmmm.

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