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From the Memory Hole: No Hollywood Ending for Embryonic Stem Cells


After a decade Michael J Fox is looking at other treatments besides embryonic stem cells to cure his parkinsons.  If only he could go back in time to warn himself he will become anti-science.

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The Half-Life of Julia


Marriage 2.0: It’s not Just For Oppressing Women Anymore

Everyone knows that Marriage has always been a Capitalist man-tool created to force women to make babies and buy Tide laundry detergent.  But this hog ear of an institution transforms into a coveted silk purse if the marriage is gay, lesbian, or bi-cross-dressing differently transgendered.  Babies too are transformed from dream destroying tumors best treated in the womb to golden trophies of validation, and expression of true and perfect love.  Something, alas, the heterosexual can never know.

The Oppressed

PS:  Ben and Jerry’s has dedicated its Apple-y Ever After ice-cream to support Same-Sex Marriage in England.  Ben and Jerry’s is owned by Dutch corporation UNILEAVER, who’s product line also includes, Hellmans, Lipton, Slim-Fast, and Bertolli just to name a few.  Feel free to peruse their website and familiarize yourself with all their products.

Starbucks is also corporately sponsoring same sex marriage as well.

Rosa Parks 2.0

Sandra Fluke, after demanding a line item in next year’s budget to fund her sex life was labeled a prostitute by Rush Limbaugh.  Obama was eager to console the Georgetown Law School student and personally phoned her to tell her she was a role model to women everywhere. Later he placed similar calls to Kim Kardashian, and someone called “Snooki.”

Above Obama’s Pay Grade–Not Above You Being Forced To Pay For It


Taking The Politics Out Of Science

Obama Wants You to Put Away Childish Things-Planned Parenthood Has Vacuums Standing By



Obama admits that determining when human life begins is above his paygrade,  but that’s not going to stop him from using your pay to fund abortion clinics around the world.  What else does Hope have in mind?  Click the Link.

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Pelosi debunks myth that Catholics believe life begins at conception — Is equally lucid on energy, the surge, and the economy


Speaker Ex Catherdra

Speaker Ex Cathedra

Obama doesn’t know when life begins, supports killing babies born alive just in case they aren’t.

Just the facts:

  • Obama is “absolutely convinced… there is a moral and ethical content to [abortion].”
  • Obama is against parental notification for a minor to get an abortion. 
  • He has opposed medically assisting in any way a child who has survived an abortion.
  • He voted against such life saving methods 3 times.
  • Supports killing a child at all stages of development.
  • Obama is not sure when a baby should get human rights.
  • Obama is “absolutely convinced… there is a moral and eth”–Oh, I listed that one already.

Memory Hole: Barak Obama is squeamish

Other Types of Violence  Other Types of Violence

Obama gave one of his “important speeches” right after the VT shootings where he literally compared the murder of 32 people to outsourcing jobs, Don Imus’ shtick, failing to realize we are all connected, and working at McDonald’s.  It was similar to the important “other kinds of  walls speech” he gave in Germany but not so well received.

I thought I’d bring this up after his fairly genial appearance in front of Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church where he might have left the impression that he had some scruples about abortion.  He doesn’t.  He is not only a champion of late-term procedures, he has even evolved enough to defend the mores-breaking post-term abortion as well.

Thanks to Scott Thong for the Gateway Pundit link.