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Comes Benghazi (To the Tune of “Comes Love”)

Come the mandates, let the Court call it a tax
Come a pipeline, I can stop it in it’s tracks
Comes Benghazi, nothing could be done.

Unemployment, just expand the welfare rolls
Come election, put some Panthers at the polls
Come Benghazi, nothing could be done

Don’t call Rodham,
She won’t pick up the phone
Best start hiden’
Cause you know you’re on your own.

Come Solyendra, I can guarantee a loan
Comes the Beltway, I can criticize the tone
Come Benghazi? Nothing could be done.

Come vacation, Michelle. can take a separate plane
Come Joe Biden, I can leave him on the train
Come Benghazi, Nothing could be done

Stand down Brother.
What difference does it make
I’ll blame u-tube
While I campaign at your wake

Brian Terry? There’s privilege to invoke
Eat a canine? I can always make a joke.
Come Benghazi? Nothing could be done.

Need a pizza?
I can have a pie flown in.
Golfing lessons,
Tiger Woods can help you win.
Comes Benghazi, Nothing could be done


Gov. Walker Triumphs in Recall Election–Adolf Hitler and Mick E. Mouse Bemoan Democracy’s Death


Hitler and Mick E. Mouse may have been on opposite sides in WW2,  but when it comes to protecting the rights of public employee unions they stand under the flag of solidarity, which is why they signed the petition along with 900,000 other legitimate Wisconsin citizens to recall Gov. Walker. Continue reading

Speedaway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Gets His Own Day


When conservative bloggers outed leftist Human Rights activist  Brett Kimberlin as the Speedway Bomber, not only did they get death threats, they got S.W.A.Ted. is when you clone you enemies’  cell phone and tell the police you shot your wife. 10 minutes later S.W.A.T will break down your enemies door with weapons in the red, and who knows… maybe your enemy is holding a remote control… makes a sudden move.  Good things could happen.  An actual example of a S.W.A.Ting call after the break.

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Elizabeth Warren, Not Even 1/32nd Cherokee– Harvard Anthropology Department Last to Know

I hope I don’t get Siouxed… I saw this joke on Twitter posted by Kathy Shaidle , but turning it into lyrics for “I’m an Indian Too” from Annie Get Your Gun is my idea, so I should get hmmm, let’s say 1/32 credit?

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The Half-Life of Julia

Preezy Obama is Too Classy to Spike the Football–A Year Ago

In 1965 New York Giant Homer Carroll Jones spiked a football after a touchdown thus introducing the greatest innovation to football since the forward pass.  Continue reading

Marion Barry, says his desire to ethnically cleanse DC of “dirty” Asian businesses is not hate, but a rare form of Linsanity.