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The Politically Incorrect Guide Publisher–Regnery, Calls on Artistically Incorrect Illustrator–Me?

Besides becoming a Birther for half day this month, I’ve also been conspiring  on a book cover for  a new Regnery title, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to  American Heroes”.  My humble offering.Image


Rosa Parks 2.0

Sandra Fluke, after demanding a line item in next year’s budget to fund her sex life was labeled a prostitute by Rush Limbaugh.  Obama was eager to console the Georgetown Law School student and personally phoned her to tell her she was a role model to women everywhere. Later he placed similar calls to Kim Kardashian, and someone called “Snooki.”

Sunday Matinee: Obama Press Conference in the Not Too Distant Future

In the future Obama will learn to speak without a TelePrompTer.  The Washington Press Corps will be slightly more confrontational and  be known as Alphas. And we will all be happy.  Now go take a five minute soma break.

The Sketchbook Frankens Another Pookie


Sunday Matinee: Inauguration Poem Preview. Spoiler alert: It won’t rhyme

I don’t know what sort of quality control they had in Horace’s day, but I’m  pretty sure the Ars Poetica took more skill than simply writing a bad essay and calling it a poem.  Which happens to be  the standard of modern poetry and Elizabeth Alexander (Obama’s Inaugural Poet featured above).  Anyway, as even I am getting swept up in inauguration fever, I’d thought I’d attempt to honor Obama with a poetical form  almost as passé as straight marriage. Continue reading

Democracy Now


Democratic Governor Blagojevich Does It On Ebay–Gets Arrested For Free Market Sympathies


Reserve Auction

In this climate of anti-free markets, it was clearly a mistake for Blagojevich to attempt to sell a Senate seat.  Had he attempted to confiscate a Senate seat from the voters, he’d be a Democrat in good standing–like  Al Franken.