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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Paul Harvey Was Such a Good Pitchman He Made Me Wish I Had Macular Degeneration–So I Could Cure It With Ocular Nutrition From Hi-Health!


Death of a Great Salesman

One more for Paul– I was a fan  since first grade. I hated going to school but there was one consolation and that was Paul’s morning news broadcast on the car radio.  Even as a kid, I was drawn to that dry, Dragnet delivery of his with that twist of inflection –the  comment — that made additional words superfluous.

There was something quintessentially American about the man.  Economical in word, forthright in speech, positive in outlook, and devoted to God and family.

Goodbye, Paul.

Sunday Matinee: Theater of the Mind. Paul Harvey, Director

Comic impressionists could never quite get Paul Harvey down well enough to make the impression funny. Lots have  nailed Walter Cronkite, I’ve heard a number of good Tom Brokaws and Dan Rathers, but whenever I heard an impressionist attempt Paul Harvey, I get the same reaction I get whenever I hear Bugs Bunny being done by someone other than Mel Blanc. Or Kermit  by someone other than Jim Henson.  I think, “that ain’t it.”

Michael Crichton Passes Away, Futuristic Theme Parks Free to Run Amok


The Cooler

The Cooler


I note with sadness that Michael Crichton, the MD turned novelist, turned businessman, turned director, turned television producer, turned global warming whistle blower, turned naturalist and who-knows-what-else, passed away. Continue reading

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Dies, never to claim coveted Lenin Literary Prize

Russian Icon


Russian Icon


Alexander Solzhenitsyn died yesterday. His novel, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, was in fact up for consideration for the Lenin prize in 1964 during the Khruschchev period of de-Stalinization. But an unfavorable editorial in The New York Times  Pravda, killed its chances. Its editorial declared the work unworthy because it failed to distinguish between “honorable and good people” in the gulag versus the “criminals and traitors,”  something Pravda was always scrupulous about.

Solzhenitsyn’s works had better success with other prize committees, and he brought the acronym gulag into common parlance in the West (gulag being the brutal Soviet forced labor camps where millions of innocent people died).  Which is good because sometimes Democrats get tired of accusing American soldiers of running concentration camps, and like to accuse them of running gulags instead.

For a worthy remembrance of this great Russian patriot jump here.

The Better Angel


To bring up Scott McCellan at this time proves I am exceedingly petty. Tony Snow, however was less so.  He even found a way to say a few nice words about cancer, calling it a “blessing in an unexpected package.”

Tony Snow

Just to note his passing yesterday.  It’s like an Agatha Christie play with conservatives–  “And then there was one.”

Jesse Helms



Senator No is dead.  He was hated by all the right people–  communists, the press, pornographers, performance artists, Loudon Wainwright III…  A revolutionary force, he changed the politics of the Republican party, the politics of the South, and he defended the  Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic with moral clarity, direct language, and steadfast courage.