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Preezy Obama is Too Classy to Spike the Football–A Year Ago

In 1965 New York Giant Homer Carroll Jones spiked a football after a touchdown thus introducing the greatest innovation to football since the forward pass.  Continue reading


Obama Sees Flaw in ObamaCare–You Might Experience it Before November Election


Obama doesn’t want Seniors who pay extra for Medicare Advantage to know (until after the election) how much more they will be paying for their Healthcare under ObamaCare, which guts the program. Continue reading

Obama is Betting That Public School Education Will Make His Unpayable Deficit Go Away

the-good-news-100According to Obama healthcare is broken because we spend more for it than any other nation in the world.  But education is broken because we are only spending investing more on it than any other nation in the world.

  • Obama claims we need this new massive spending  because the dropout rate had tripled over the last 30 years.
  • Our 8th grade math scores have fallen to ninth place.
  • And to set the goal of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world  by 2020.

But according the good people at Fact Check .org

  • The high school dropout rate has fallen by 1/3 in the last 30 years–not increased.
  • Our 8th grade math scores have risen to 9th from a low of 28th place in 1995 not dropped.
  • And although it’s true we aren’t  number one  in bachelor’s degrees, we are number 2 behind Norway, and only a percentage point at that.

Finally, a president so committed to education he won’t let  single fact get in the way.

The Obama Administration Seems To Be Dropping Plans To Make Soldiers Pay For The Wounds They Received In Combat… At Least We Know Their Hearts Were Not In The Right Place


Diplomacy Is Back Part 2: England Still Not Islamic Enough For Obama To Respect


I want to feel more outrage over Obama’s snubbing of England, but considering how keen the Brits were on getting Obama elected (according to one poll 81 to 19 percent),  my more vengeful side  wants to say, “Enjoy your DVD’s Muhammad.” I’m sorry, it’s  Jack.  Muhammad is still only the second most popular boy’s name in England.

Obama Took Us All On Another Fantastic Ride On TelePrompTer 1


From his address to Congress:

Obama believes that the Nation that invented the automobile “cannot walk away from it.”  American UAW workers may take this as a commitment to them, but  it’s more of a commitment to the  German auto worker since it was Karl Benz  of Germany who  invented the modern automobile.  Obama also promised to improve education. 

Obama Deports Bust of Winston Churchill–No Word Yet If England’s Muslim Population Will Allow it to Return Home


Obama removed the bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office.  This bust of Churchill was loaned to the White House in the aftermath of 911 as a sign of England’s solidarity with America.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single square inch of space for it in the entire White House so the Master of Diplomacy sent it back.  No hard feelings Limeys!

Obama Looking Into Cutting Edge TelePrompTer Technology–Because He’s Such a Brilliant Speaker



Here’s the story from The Prowler

And more story from Moonbattery

Obama Calls For New Era of Responsibility–Throws a 170 Million Dollars Worth of Parties With Money From Bailed-Out Wall Street Executives, Picks Racist Preacher To Give Closing Prayer


Jackson Pollock Economics

The politics of change seems like politics of old, just more expensive.  Deficit spending will no longer be called “mortgaging our children’s future.”  It will now be referred to as “investment”.  Pork-barrel spending will be called, “stimulus”, earmarks will be called, “targeted stimulus”, and welfare checks will be called tax cuts.

Hey, look,  the market just dropped 300 points– I’m sorry, made a 300 point correction.

Eric Holder Brokers Justice Rod Blagojevich Style


Obama wants his  administration to be about compromise .  In that spirit he is selecting the most compromised  cabinet  in American history– the Clinton cabinet. Continue reading