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Sunday Matinee: Actual Patton–Narrators Voice., “Well…”

I stayed at a 3rd Army camp in Kuwait. After reveille they played Patton’s march by Jerry Goldsmith from the movie Patton.  Apparently not everyone appreciated it as much as I did (warning: language). For those of you who’s can only hear George C. Scott’s growl when you think of the General, 24 minutes into the movie you can hear the actual Patton speak.

General Patton was proper Barrack Room Balladeer as well.  His last poem (maybe) after the break.

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Sunday Matinee: Allen West on the Leavenworth 10


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Sunday Matinee: Obama Press Conference in the Not Too Distant Future

In the future Obama will learn to speak without a TelePrompTer.  The Washington Press Corps will be slightly more confrontational and  be known as Alphas. And we will all be happy.  Now go take a five minute soma break.

Sunday Matinee: People Aren’t For Punishing

The Sketchbook’s on a secret mission, but I don’t think he’d mind his site being hijacked to roll this film since he told me about it. Newt Gingrich teaches Henry Waxman how to think properly about the American People. If you have less than a minute, the highlight begins at 4:00. —RC2

The Peaceful Muslims You’ve Heard So Much About

Sunday Matinee: The Sacred Music of Roman Hurko With Essay By Jaime Adams (the Simon Cowell Of Your Sunday Service)

By Jaime Adams

The ancient Greeks understood something about music, particularly sacred music, which we have completely lost:  Melodies convey ideas. Raw melody, without any lyrics, carries meaning. 


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Sunday Matinee: Back to the Future With Jack Nicholson’s Hydrogen Car–Now Explosion Resistant!

Would you like to know more about our friend Hydrogen?  

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Sunday Matinee: Ethel Merman Explains U.S. Monetary Policy


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Sunday Matinee:Come Away With Me Lucile, In my Merry Oldsmobile…

Similar to the way astronomers look forward to the next solar eclipse, sometimes it seems the CATO Institute likes seeing the free market decimate American industries just to calibrate their instruments. Continue reading

Sunday Matinee: From The Onion