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Author Hunter Keeter Sends Me a Short Email–My Other Friend Is Leo Tolstoy

Hunter Keeter is a writer, editor, and consultant. He has authored five books the latest being Tools of Violence.  Hunter is also able to produce six paragraphs of argument against drug legalization in about 12-and-a-half minutes after receiving a link from me on the subject.

The link I sent him was from this Weekly Standard Article. With permission here is his response…

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Gordon Brown Makes England a Mecca of Cowardice-Bans Dutch Parliamentarian and Islamic critic from entering England

Surah 8, verse 60

Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry  you are able

to strike terror

to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies…

England trembles.  And to think the West likes to pride itself for defending free speech.

Fox News seems to be the only news source capable of playing the story straight…

Barack Obama is Promising to Strip Workers of the Protection of the Secret Ballot. Your Illegal Donations to His Campaign Will Still Enjoy Complete Anonymity.

No Secret

There are three major ways to destroy the integrity of an election:  stuff the polls with illegal voters, the ballot box with illegal votes, and finally, the good old standby of intimidation and fear.  As a Chicago-style politician who admires 3rd world dictators and radicals,  Barack is for all of the above and is privately promising Union heavies to implement their demand that the government strip workers of the right to cast their votes in private when unionizing.  That way workers who vote against union can easily be singled out as scabs and have their legs broken.

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20 years of Rush makes me less bitter about not having an FM tuner on my factory installed radio






A little tribute to Rush on the 20th anniversary of his show.  I’m not sure how anyone ever became aware of him because I can’t think of a reason why anyone would turn on the radio at noon before his arrival.

AM radio was an awful place in 1988 — a staticky ghetto for kooks, conspiracies, and screamers.   Since then Rush has transformed himself into the foremost conservative leader in America and the entire AM band into such coveted real estate, our presumptive Democratic landlords are looking for ways to evict him. 

More Rush tributes to be found at Human Events all this week.

Moderate Voices

The New Yorker thinks Obama is such a slam dunk that they depicted him in full Muslim, flag-burning, Osama-jihadist- garb, just to show their contempt for the anemic McCain campaign and anything Republican.  But what they didn’t expect was for Obama to be the one coming away with hurt feelings.

For a presidential candidate to be so defensive about a cartoon whose editorial barb wasn’t even pointing in his direction, might strike the average American as odd; but in fairness, Obama can be forgiven for thinking he was the one being attacked since it was the first time he’s appeared on a magazine cover without light beams emanating from his head.

Finally, a New Yorker cartoon I get