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Apparently We Have to Be Aware in June as Well

I thought May’s list of things to be aware of was pretty exhaustive. Not so June seems to be equally jammed with things that need our active attention…

June is Internet Safety, World Elderly Abuse, National HIV, National ASK (Asking Saves Kids), Gay and Lesbian Pride, International Level Crossing (train track safety), Substance Abuse, World No Tobacco, Seatbelt, Beach Environment, National Scoliosis, Helmet, ERA, Glaucoma, Safety, and False Allegation awareness Month.

I also found a website declaring June Goat Trauma month as well. The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation is warning parents that goats are aggressive and deceitful and traumatize as many as 6000 children a year at petting zoos.  However, I am excluding it because I think the cause is just an excuse to sell t-shirts.



Sunday Matinee: Carroll Shelby

When Enzo Ferrari reneged on his agreement to sell Ferrari to Henry Ford II, Ford vowed to embarrass Ferrari–which he did.  In 1966 the Ford GT 40 took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at Le Mans, the 24hr European endurance race. Leading the team was former race car driver, and before that former chicken farmer, Carroll Shelby.  He loved the idea of a chicken farmer thrashing all those Euro-snobs. He went on to define the American muscle car– insanely big engines and fat tires on an anorexic chassis.  But you don’t need me to tell you about it when we have Bill Cosby…

May Awareness Checklist

May is National Health Awareness, Fitness, Pet, Historical Preservation, Military, Foster Care, Hamburger, Asian Pacific Heritage, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Chamber Music , Short Story, Geriatric Care, Electrical Safety, Salad, Vinegar, and mobility awareness month.  Or as I like to say, “National Hamburger Month.”

Another Government Crucifixion: Hero’s Welcome 2.0

As someone who has worn the uniform and served in Iraq I have received good words and care packages from many well wishers who want to “thank me for my service.”  It is not unappreciated even though My response is always a self deprecating, “If only you knew how mediocre my service was.” Continue reading

Sunday Matinee: Chuck Colson

People We’re So Naive Back Then…

As legend goes, when Orson Wells performed War Of The Worlds the American population was so naive that many thought were actually under alien attack.  I’ve listened to the stagey original and don’t believe anyone could have really been fooled by it– at least not the way the Hindenburg Disaster fooled everybody.

Greatest Exclusive since Ruhollah

Easter Sunday Matinee: Easter Sunday Around the world

Sunday Matinee: Reagan, Still the Feel Good President

I’m sure this speech is old news to all of you, but I had never seen it before or heard it until a few days ago.  Finally I can render my judgment on how Reagan did at the 1964 Republican Convention–not bad.

Little Green Footballs

Julie asked me to answer the Little Green Footballs analysis of the Obama long form forgery issue.  And I can’t.  I am prone to believe LGF.  The faked birth certificate line demands an extremely high burden of proof considering all the people who would have to be in on the deception.

Arpaio’s investigators think they have met that level –LGF says no– but aside from confirming that the PDF does open in layers (which surprised the hell out of me) as I demonstrate in the previous post… I am out of my league, and a little chagrined for having posted it so quickly without consulting the skeptics. Continue reading