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The Obama Long-form in 10 Layers

America 2.0–If you want to get around a news blackout go to Pravda.

It was a link on Drudge that read,” PRAVDA chides U.S. media for ignoring Sherrif Joe Arpaio investigation…” I clicked on it, not because I questioned Obama’s citizenship, I find the newspaper clippings of his birth coinciding with his short form certificate pretty damn convincing.  I was curious why Pravda wanted to veer into Donald Trump territory.  But in the third paragraph I read this: Continue reading


Part 7: It Doesn’t Take a Zero

Part 6: White Noise


Part 4: Monday Monday

Part 3 Bag of Riddles


Part 2 The Mark of Zero


A New Hero for a New America

America 2.0

A year in the desert was a nice adventure but left me feeling pretty detached from politics in a pleasant Novocai-ny type way.   Never-mind that glacial amounts of jawbone and Constitution are getting slurped down the little suction thingy and into the rinse bowl … A year back home and I want My Constitution and my jaw back.  But.. well it seems most of  America is comfortably numb.

Sitrep Iraq: Razule the Dog’s Job Interview

The Unit was interviewing  Razul a big spiky haired K9 with a masters in bomb sniffing and a minor in ripping out throats, to see if he would be a good fit for the team.  Razuel let his handler do the talking and seemed  more interested in getting strangers to scratch his ears than getting the job. I would describe his attitude as complacent.  Complacent that is until the very Iraqi looking Iraqi interpreter came in.  Like a switch had flipped Razul became very interested in every little move our translator made, not taking his eyes off of him for a moment.  The translator didn’t stay long.  Razul became complacent again.  Suddenly for no apparent reason he bolted up ran out of the room, against the command from his trainer to stop- ran into the hallway-pawed open the door that lead to the basement and disappeared down the narrow staircase…

All eyes were on the Trainer.

Trainer:  “I’m betting your arms-room is down there.  He does that.”

The job is yours Razul if you want it.

A Few Pictures

Sunrise in Kuwait.

Subway in Kuwait