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The Half-Life of Julia

Rosa Parks 2.0

Sandra Fluke, after demanding a line item in next year’s budget to fund her sex life was labeled a prostitute by Rush Limbaugh. ¬†Obama was eager to console the Georgetown Law School student and personally phoned her to tell her she was a role model to women everywhere. Later he placed similar calls to Kim Kardashian, and someone called “Snooki.”


GOP Is Blaming Sarah Palin For McCain Loss Based on the Conventional Wisdom That Nobody Votes the Top of the Ticket

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Sarah Palin believes in God, Family, Life, Energy, Strong Defense, Freedom, Low Taxes. ¬†What’s not to hate?

Here’s a depressing story by Jack Thompson in Human Events I don’t fully understand.

GOP Governors Pull the Plug On Palin’s Press Conference