Sunday Matinee: Multicultur-Islam


Gov. Walker Triumphs in Recall Election–Adolf Hitler and Mick E. Mouse Bemoan Democracy’s Death


Hitler and Mick E. Mouse may have been on opposite sides in WW2,  but when it comes to protecting the rights of public employee unions they stand under the flag of solidarity, which is why they signed the petition along with 900,000 other legitimate Wisconsin citizens to recall Gov. Walker. Continue reading

Sunday Matinee: The Fightin’ 1974 Congress Remembered

Apparently We Have to Be Aware in June as Well

I thought May’s list of things to be aware of was pretty exhaustive. Not so June seems to be equally jammed with things that need our active attention…

June is Internet Safety, World Elderly Abuse, National HIV, National ASK (Asking Saves Kids), Gay and Lesbian Pride, International Level Crossing (train track safety), Substance Abuse, World No Tobacco, Seatbelt, Beach Environment, National Scoliosis, Helmet, ERA, Glaucoma, Safety, and False Allegation awareness Month.

I also found a website declaring June Goat Trauma month as well. The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation is warning parents that goats are aggressive and deceitful and traumatize as many as 6000 children a year at petting zoos.  However, I am excluding it because I think the cause is just an excuse to sell t-shirts.


Sunday Matinee: Actual Patton–Narrators Voice., “Well…”

I stayed at a 3rd Army camp in Kuwait. After reveille they played Patton’s march by Jerry Goldsmith from the movie Patton.  Apparently not everyone appreciated it as much as I did (warning: language). For those of you who’s can only hear George C. Scott’s growl when you think of the General, 24 minutes into the movie you can hear the actual Patton speak.

General Patton was proper Barrack Room Balladeer as well.  His last poem (maybe) after the break.

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Speedaway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Gets His Own Day


When conservative bloggers outed leftist Human Rights activist  Brett Kimberlin as the Speedway Bomber, not only did they get death threats, they got S.W.A.Ted. is when you clone you enemies’  cell phone and tell the police you shot your wife. 10 minutes later S.W.A.T will break down your enemies door with weapons in the red, and who knows… maybe your enemy is holding a remote control… makes a sudden move.  Good things could happen.  An actual example of a S.W.A.Ting call after the break.

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From the Memory Hole: No Hollywood Ending for Embryonic Stem Cells


After a decade Michael J Fox is looking at other treatments besides embryonic stem cells to cure his parkinsons.  If only he could go back in time to warn himself he will become anti-science.

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