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Democrats Will Soon Have Plenary Power Over All Branches of Government. Peggy Noonan Column Already Compliant With Anticipated Department Of Fairness Guidelines.

Three Headed Monster



Dodd,Obama, and Kerry take the Gold, Silver, and Bronze in crony capitalism



The Crony Capitalists

The Crony Capitalists

Memory Hole: Barak Obama is squeamish

Other Types of Violence  Other Types of Violence

Obama gave one of his “important speeches” right after the VT shootings where he literally compared the murder of 32 people to outsourcing jobs, Don Imus’ shtick, failing to realize we are all connected, and working at McDonald’s.  It was similar to the important “other kinds of  walls speech” he gave in Germany but not so well received.

I thought I’d bring this up after his fairly genial appearance in front of Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church where he might have left the impression that he had some scruples about abortion.  He doesn’t.  He is not only a champion of late-term procedures, he has even evolved enough to defend the mores-breaking post-term abortion as well.

Thanks to Scott Thong for the Gateway Pundit link.

Finally, a New Yorker cartoon I get

Troubling Indicators

John McCain and Obama are courting the Hispanic vote. McCain is still managing to say something about securing the border first, but I can’t get any pleasure out of it, the commitment is shakier than a sub-prime mortgage on a house of cards.    Obama gives a much surer performance. He never mentions border security but instead warns our children to learn a second, hard working, undocumented language. See the utube of it here.