An Essay

The Ghoul of Baghdad

A rat can flee a sinking ship, but there is no reason to mistake him for a crew member.

I never liked Christopher Hitchens. I didn’t celebrate his  post-911 swerve to the right. This was the pompous lush whose intellectual gifts inspired him to describe a nun as a ghoul. The nun was Mother Teresa. Hitchens’ book slandering the woman, whose name is synonymous with the spirit of compassion, may be one of the ten most putrid things to ever be excreted from a printing press.  It is malicious in spirit, and reptilian in its cynicism.

Needless to say I didn’t take any sense of validation that we agreed on the war. Even as Hitchens’ star rose in the ranks of the right, I never quoted him, linked to him or cited him.  And I didn’t deprive myself of much.

The reason this self-ordained rationalist gives for jumping the USS McCain to endorse the “O” is that  Sarah Palin is a lying embarrassment and McCain lacks the character and temperament to be president. Palin is the embarrassment? Compared to  Obama submitting in the midst of an energy crisis that scrupulous attention to  tire pressure would recover more fuel than tapping all of America’s domestic reserves? Compared to Biden, a serial plagiarist who attempted to crawl out of his shell of a biography and into Neil Kinnock’s and lectures  about how in 1929 president FDR calmed people via television?
As for Obama’s consistency and truthfulness, he has lied about and obfuscated every aspect of his career. The editor of The Harvard Law Review who doesn’t seem to have written anything on the law. The Magna Cum Laude grad who won’t release his college transcripts. The Civil Rights champion who reversed himself on NSA wire taps the instant he secured the Democratic primary. The post-racial candidate who archly plays the race  card, and invents bigoted comments to drop in McCain’s mouth– “He’s going to say I don’t look like those other presidents on those dollar bills”.
But there has been at least one issue Obama has been consistent on: American failure in Iraq.  He was for keeping Saddam Hussein in power and, after Hussein fell, he was for America announcing a pullout date the very moment Al Qaeda and Muqtada al-Sadr’s Iranian-backed Shiites were at peak strength.
And why is Obama so eager to lose Iraq?  To help us win in Afghanistan, of course. But short of rhetoric, there is no indication that Obama gives a damn about Afghanistan other than using it as a stalking horse to undermine Iraq. Before his nomination Senator Obama  had never bothered to visit or hold a single hearing on the theater he pretends to care so much about.
On the contrary, for the sake of his campaign, Obama has acted subversively there too.  He undermined General Musharraf, who allied himself with us at great peril providing essential access to airspace, ports, borders and intelligence for Operation Enduring Freedom.  And with diplomatic relations with Pakistan deteriorating, Obama openly brags about how America is going to violate its borders.
Hitchens for the last 7 years has broken with the left supposedly because there was nothing more important to Western Civilization than fighting radical Islam.  No cost was too great, no limb not worth losing, no death toll was too high. The only thing that could not be sacrificed was his need to impugn the faiths of Western Civilization.  To mock the prayer of the lowly soldier asking God for courage in face of a pitiless enemy, and belittle the religious beliefs that sustain the mother who has to bury a child in Hitchens’ needful war.
But now, all because McCain moved around on stage too much in a single debate…  McCain who has been more steadfast, more courageous and more right than any other politician on the war…  McCain whose character and fidelity have been tested more than once and not lightly… all because of that, the ever-outraged Mr. Hitchens is going to vote for Obama?  What a perfect little atheist.

One response to “An Essay

  1. In the noisy blogosphere with so much competing for my attention, I feel profoundly fortunate to have run across this amazing essay tucked away in a quiet corner.

    My blog probably has half a dozen readers, but nonetheless I will be posting about your piece and your site.

    Keep the faith.

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