Marriage 2.0: It’s not Just For Oppressing Women Anymore

Everyone knows that Marriage has always been a Capitalist man-tool created to force women to make babies and buy Tide laundry detergent.  But this hog ear of an institution transforms into a coveted silk purse if the marriage is gay, lesbian, or bi-cross-dressing differently transgendered.  Babies too are transformed from dream destroying tumors best treated in the womb to golden trophies of validation, and expression of true and perfect love.  Something, alas, the heterosexual can never know.

The Oppressed

PS:  Ben and Jerry’s has dedicated its Apple-y Ever After ice-cream to support Same-Sex Marriage in England.  Ben and Jerry’s is owned by Dutch corporation UNILEAVER, who’s product line also includes, Hellmans, Lipton, Slim-Fast, and Bertolli just to name a few.  Feel free to peruse their website and familiarize yourself with all their products.

Starbucks is also corporately sponsoring same sex marriage as well.


3 responses to “Marriage 2.0: It’s not Just For Oppressing Women Anymore

  1. I’ve used Hellmans Mayonnaise for years as well as Bertolli oil, but since they are supporting same sex marriage, I’ll not buy them any more. I’ve written to the company to inform them. I’m tired of big business corrupting the culture.

  2. I’m with you. Conservatives pride themselves on their decorum, and not causing a fuss with the pablum “let’s not stoop to their level”. Well their level is cleaning our clocks on every front, so as silly as it seems to me to have to boycott mayo– so be it. Tell other people as well. Spread the news to anyone you have influence with.


  3. You’re a genius. Thank you.

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